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Opencart Email Cart is a super useful module which allows you to send a pre-populated Opencart Cart to a customer's email address ready and waiting for checkout.

The customer can then checkout straight away or continue shopping, adding to the cart or editing what is already in it.

You are also able to select whether the link goes to the Cart page or the Checkout page and a live output of the link is always available for you to copy and use in any other application, such as a newsletter, support email, ad or promotion.

Great for:

- Over-the-phone or email, 'manual' orders
- Customers contacting support who are having trouble finding products or using your site
- Not having to create a new User manually in admin for an over-the-phone or email customer to set up a new Order for them
- Encouraging phone / email customers to checkout through the usual front-end where all your shipping and discount plugins are effective.
- Adding links to newsletters, ads or communications to quickly add products or sets of products to customers' carts with one click. Increasing sales!

- Manage Email Carts.
- Create a cart on module admin.
- Config email.
- Auto add products to cart when user click on cart link.
- Support Add Coupon for the Cart.
- Support multil store.
- Support multil lanugage.
- Support all function send mail of Opencart.
- Support custom emails, subscribe emails, affiliate emails, products, customers, customer groups
- Preview email.
- Share cart link.
- Support Vqmod.

Happy conversions!

Demo Email Cart:
Admin User: demo
Password: demo

Demo Frontend: 
Click Here a cart will been auto created on our site.

Support Tickets:

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