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1. General Configuration

Open the Magento Backend > Ecomteck > One Step Checkout > Configuration > General section:

  • In Enable One Step Checkout Solution field: Select “Yes” to enable One Step Checkout extension.
  • In Router Name field: Enter router url for one step checkout page.
  • In Default Shipping Method field: Set default shipping method in the checkout process.
  • In Default Payment Method field: Set default payment method in the checkout process.
  • In Allow Update Product Quantity field: Select “Yes” to allow customer change product quantity on the checkout page.
  • In Allow Remove Product field: Select “Yes” allow customer can remove product in checkout page.
  • In Allow Edit Product Option field: Select “Yes” to allow customer can change product variant, custom option, bundle option on checkout page.
  • In Add Gift Message Per Item field: Select “Yes” customer can send gift message per product item.
  • In Add Gift Message Per Order field: Select “Yes” customer can send gift message per order.
  • In Redirect To Checkout field: Select “Yes” system rediect customer to checkout page after add to cart.

2. Field Configuration

You can custom address field inlude: Width, Sort Order, Icon before field.

3. Display Configuration

  • In Checkout Page Layout field: You can config page layout with 3 styles include: 3 columns, 2 columns with shiping methods and payment methods step are same line, 2 columns with shiping methods an payment methods step are different line.
  • In Disable Telephone field: Select “Yes” disable telephone field in shipping address and billing address.
  • In Disable Company field: Select “Yes” disable company field in shipping address and billing address.
  • In Disable Header field: Select “Yes” disable header include menu bar, quick link in checkout page.
  • In Disable Footer field: Select “Yes” disable footer include footer menu .. in checkout page.
  • In Disable Copyright field: Select “Yes” disable copyright  footer in checkout page.
  • In Display Logo field: Select “Yes” show site logo in checkout page.
  • In Disable Login Popup field: Select “Yes” disable login popup in checkout page.
  • In Move Cart Items field: Select “Yes”  moves the location of the cart items in the checkout summary sidebar to be above the totals.
  • In Always Show Cart Items field: Select “Yes” Use this option to always show items.
  • In Move Billing Address After Shipping Address field: Select “Yes” Billing Address display after Shipping Address. Select “No” Billing Address display in payment method step.
  • In Disable Coupon Code field: Select “Yes” coupon code box will hidden in checkout page.
  • In Coupon code initial collapse state field: Custom render of coupon code box.
  • In Disable Gift Options field: Select “Yes” hidden gift options box in checkout page.
  • In Gift options initial collapse state field: Custom render of gift options box.
  • In Footer Content field: Add custom content for footer of checkout page.

4. Shipping Configuration

  • In Hide Shipping Methods field: Select “Yes” Shipping methods are not shown when there is only a single available rate.
  • In Hide Shipping Method Title field: Select “Yes” Shipping method title is not shown in the summary sidebar. Note that it will still display a price for shipping.

5. Color Configuration

6. Icon Configuration

One step checkout using font icon from  fontawesome.io. Please get icon code point from Font Awesome

7. GeoIP Configuration

Attempts to automatically detect customer’s country.


8. Terms And Condition Configuration

9. Newsletter Configuration

10. Back to Store Configuration

11. Address Autocomplete Configuration

12. Order Comment Configuration

13. Delivery Date Configuration

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