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How to Use

Ecomteck One Step Checkout Overview

1. Login / Signup

  • Proceed the checkout with customer’s existed information by fill email and password in section Account Information or via Social Login Buttons.
  • Proceed the checkout with gest by fill email  in section Account Infromation or Social login buttons. One Step Checkout will auto create customer account and auto login customer to site and customer can continue proceed the checkout normal. It so very easier.

2. Shipping Address

Buyer can quick fill address by feature auto suggest from google map api.

3. Billing Address

Buyers can uncheck  on button This address is also my billing address for fill billing address.

4. Shipping Methods

Buyer can select shipping method and delivery date and comment on this step.

5. Payment Methods.

Ecomteck One Step Checkout support full for all payment methods.

6. Order Summary

In order summary, buyer can see overview shopping cart and order. Customer can change qty, add gift message per order, per item, use coupon code, gift card, reward points, store credit, comment to order…

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