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Custom Hourly Support Package for Magento® by Ecomteck

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Hire a Magento certified specialist for specific projects!

Our Magento Custom Hourly Support Packages entitles you to use a specific number of hours (as indicated in the list) for technical support on your Magento site.

Support is provided by one of our expert Magento 2 developers and can cover extension installations, component adjustments or software customization and development.

You will be contacted within 24 hours of your support request to review your requirements and to answer any questions that you may have. We look forward to working with you!

Date Released
December 08, 2019

Magento Custom Support Package Details

Are error messages, slowdowns and other issues preventing your eCommerce from working properly?

No need to spend hours on Google! Acquiring Ecomteck team support saves you the hassle and time.

This service package can entail any Magento 2 requirement with price rate from $60/1hour

What We Do

  • Support – Fix small, medium and big Magento errors that prevent your eCommerce from working properly
  • Audit – Review your store for backdoors and other security issues to ensure your data is safe
  • Development – Create tailored Magento tools and modules to solve your problems. We can create an extension from scratch to tackle your challenges
  • Customization – Add features and adjust any of our 20+ extensions and modules so that it does exactly what you want
  • Extensions Improvments – Make changes to an external from any builder or company. Add features or fix issues with integration with your store
  • All of the Above – We can combine support, development, audits and more. It depends on your needs

Who Benefits The Most

  • Entrepreneur – Setting up an eCommerce, booking site or service listing all by yourself? Hire us and we’ll tackle specific issues
  • Small Businesses – You might not be able to hire a full-time Magento specialist (and also might not need one). We can offer fast paced and personalized support
  • Big Businesses – Let’s solve your problems so you can work smoothly. We can create and adjust any Magento tools so that your team can save time. You should also consider our Magento Website Support and Maintenance Packages

How Many Hours Do I Need

That depends on the complexity of your needs and the severity of the issues.

Get in touch with us and we’ll provide the precise duration and description of what will be achieved.


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