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One of the most important problems in eCommerce business is cart abandonment: when customers leave your site without placing an order. I would mention about the reasons of cart abandonment in the next time. This post introduces some prestigious modules that can bring back customers to the online store to complete their purchases, hence cart abandonment extensions were created. And these are The 13 Best Magento Abandoned Cart Extensions.

1. MailChimp extension

  • Sync purchase and list data
  • Set up marketing automation for reminding customers about abandoned carts, or items they last viewed, follow up on post purchase, and win back lapsed customers
  • Create abandoned cart automation workflows
  • Showcase product recommendations
  • Segment and track customers based on purchase frequency and history
  • View marketing performance data in detail on MailChimp dashboard
  • Find new customers or connect with current clients while driving all of them to your site with Instagram or Facebook ads
  • Set up Google remarketing ads to turn visitors to shoppers on your site
  • Create personalized transactional messages like invoices, shipping notifications, etc.
  • Discount codes to add to emails and automations with content block for Promo Code
  • Beautiful landing pages to highlight products, promote sales or giveaways, or grow lists

2. Remarkety

  • Cart abandonment recovery
  • Personal product recommendations and coupons
  • Targeted newsletters, rewards and loyalty programs
  • Instant marketing recommendations, request for product review and feedback
  • Automated follow up emails
  • Dynamic personalization
  • Email capture and lists
  • Customer behavior segmentation and dynamic personal tagging
  • Convert subscribers to buyers
  • A/B testing and email campaign recommendation engine
  • Responsive drag/drop templates
  • Dedicated success manager
  • Robust Analytics dashboard
  • Email performance reports

3. Abandoned Cart Recapture

  • Instant, free, meaningful, and actionable analytics on all abandoned (active) shopping carts
  • Segmentation and targeting of emails
  • Automated email campaigns
  • Email list builder
  • Fully responsive emails (tested on major email clients)
  • Seamless multilingual and multi-currency support
  • Live shopping cart view
  • Works with all major One Step checkout extensions
  • Syncs ecommerce data easily with MailChimp

4. Abandoned Cart Alert PRO

  • Automated messages with personal touch
  • New business sales channel
  • Streamlined remarketing
  • Track email performance
  • Constant evolution of the extention
  • Support: free support and updates, for a lifetime, free 30-minute development support credit, 25-days money-back, fully GDPR-compliant

4. EYE MAGIN Hubspot

  • Automate and personalize nurturing of abandoned cart
  • Automate and personalize cross-sell, up-sell, and reorder emails
  • Laster target one-off emails, product launches, and campaigns
  • Nurture customers to become repeat customers through Smart Content and Social Inbox
  • Attribute revenues to specific marketing campaigns and channels

5. Springbot

  • Triggered emails including abandoned cart emails, welcome, after-purchase, anniversary, win-back emails, and behavioral triggers
  • Advanced retargeting insights give understanding on what ads lead directly to sales
  • Personalization and segmentation of customers through customer, custom, and RFM segments, plus personalized and trackable emails
  • Social hub with mobile access to reports, social recommendations on what to post and when, powerful analytics, and a calendar to schedule social posts based on store data
  • Shoppable Instagram converts to a social storefront driving engagement and sales
  • Trackable links showing performance of what you shared via email, web, social, blogs, mobile and more
  • Analytics for revenue and ROI tracking, marketing channel and product conversion reports, promo codes, and unique coupon codes
  • Amazon tools that uses real-time inventory to list, sell, and track products on Amazon, with shipping information
  • Marketing recommendations
  • Service and support with onboarding and training, daily activity reports, and plugin activation

7. Magewares Ultimate Followup Emails & SMS

  • Unlimited follow up emails
  • Customization of email schedule
  • Incentivize buyers by generating coupons
  • Send product prices with subtotals in email reminders
  • Create and set your rules
  • Create and send coupons automatically with email reminders
  • Customer unsubscribe link option from getting further emails
  • Admin user can exclude or disable customers or customer groups from receiving emails and configure to stop sending further emails once customers visit the carts after clicking the link
  • Once cart is cleared, email stops going
  • Cart revisions to send latest cart products in email reminders
  • Support: money-back guarantee, free updates, support services

8. Mageplaza Abandoned Cart extension

  • Well-designed pre-made email templates
  • Generate unlimited emails for different groups of customers
  • Send or delete several email logs simultaneously
  • Automatically create promotion vouchers
  • Sent email management
  • Track all abandoned cart emails sent
  • Manage and record all abandoned cart emails into logs
  • Integration with Google Analytics UTM
  • Generate improvement reports automatically
  • Compatibility with SMTP
  • Unlimited creation and application of coupon rule

9. Quick One Step Checkout

  • Mobile responsive with support for all mobile devices
  • Supports Multi Language for use worldwide
  • Support for popular payment methods like PayPal,, and Sage Pay, plus all methods supported by Default Standard checkout
  • Order review before placing orders
  • Integration with any website theme
  • Promotion code for customers to get discounts in checkout page
  • Installation support

10. Dotdigital

  • Data synchronization including all historical customer and order data, cart contents, wish lists, reviews, store website browse behavior, and social profiles
  • Drag/drop templates to quickly create campaigns
  • Quickly segment and automate from complex queries
  • Build integrated branded forms and surveys for data acquisition
  • Automation program builder with abandoned cart series for guests and customers, welcome/post purchase/birthday/loyalty campaigns, browse abandonment campaigns
  • Multichannel integration with third party systems
  • Omni-channel automation for SMS, email, Google ads, social media, CRM, push notifications, lead scoring
  • Dynamic personalized content including bestsellers, most viewed categories; unique coupon codes for promotional rules, first/last/most purchased brand or category.
  • Most frequent purchase day or month, upsell, cross-sell and much more
  • Full SMTP service with open and click reporting, and improved delivery and delivered reports
  • EasyEditor to design on-brand transactional emails in minutes
  • Customer support

11. Amasty Abandoned Cart Emails

  • Automated triggered emails
  • Set up rules based on varying parameters
  • Ready-made email templates with customization by adding variables
  • Configure email sending schedules
  • Moderate emails in the sending queue
  • Offer coupons via emails
  • Easy to config both backend and frontend
  • Format manager to display price, currency, and product descriptions
  • URL manager to create automatic URLs leading back to your online store
  • Campaign analysis and test emails
  • Track campaign results in Google Analytics
  • Support: 25-days money back, free lifetime updates, three months free support services

12. Omnisend Abandoned Cart Emails

  • Product recommender and picker
  • Email and SMS automation workflows
  • Cart/browse abandonment, product abandonment, welcome, order confirmation
  • Sign up forms (box, pop-ups, interactive wheel of fortune, landing pages)
  • Advanced segmentation of subscriber list based on behavioral data and attributes collected from website tracking
  • Campaign booster
  • A/B testing
  • Discount coupons
  • Full performance and sales reports
  • Flexible email templates
  • Many more smart features

13. Ecomteck Abandoned Cart extensions

  • Send test email campaign in one-click
  • Match shopping cart function
  • Send emails before releasing officially
  • Assited by Google Analysis
  • Easily customized various email templates
  • Show products as a list
  • Display coupon code
  • Direct link to cart
  • One step cart delivery
  • Auto send reminder
  • Offer discount, coupons
  • Automatically generate coupons
  • Create and send coupons easily
  • Precise email targeting, easily add and remove rules and manage as a list
  • Set details conditions for rules, product conditions for precise targeting, cart conditions to narrow down the audience, customer group conditions to allow multi languages, send abandoned cart.
  • Easy to config in backend.
  • Flexible dispatch schedule, send emails in estimate time and add or remove rules.

14. Ecomteck OneStepCheckout Extension

This extension removes the unnecessary steps from the checkout process.

It offers a nice checkout experience that’s five times faster and simpler than standard Magento checkout processes.

It saves your customers time, plus they don’t miss out on other sales.

  • Incredible One Checkout Page
  • Optimized For Mobile Checkout
  • Easy To Set Desired Delivery Date
  • Diverse Shipping & Payment Method
  • Instantly Apply Coupon
  • Wonderful Gift Order
  • 1-click To Edit Product Options
  • Google Address Suggestion
  • Support multiple stores


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