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multi step checkout vs one step checkout

It’s truthly said that the success of your E-Commerce store doesn’t depend how many people visit per day, month or year. It comes from the high conversations and revenue of these E-Commerce stores.  The debate revolving around a One Step Checkout vs Multi Step Checkout never ends because of the differences between store purposes. People say that One Step Checkout is more user-friendly and reduces cart abandonment rate, while others say Multi Step Checkout keeps more securities and logic layout more. If you are really stuck in the dilemma which one is better and more suitable with your online store between One Step Checkout vs Multi Step Checkout, I would pinpoint the pros & cons of two checkout methods to give you the best view for choosing the most suitable for online store.

Multi Step Checkout

Multi Step Checkout is a building feature of Magento 2, which are widely used before One Step Checkout have launched. This extensions means that users have to fill in many steps before they finish their checkout process.

magento 2 multi step checkout

How it works?

Multi Step Checkout divided checkout process into many steps and users have to complete total step 1 before moving to step 2. And it is hard when users want to check their info filled in page 1. But anyway, lot of owners refer this kind of checkout because of the needed carefulness from customers and the security of working process.

Pros & Cons


  • Google Analysis: assist the owners know what’s stopping your customers from making a purchasing by using Google Analysis.
  • Guest checkout: Multi Step Checkout lets users checkout as guests. It means the users don’t need to have any accounts for checkout process.
  • Clean & logic layout: dividing checkout process into several steps allows the merchants bring to customers the most well-designed and logic pages. No longer complexity because of a lot information and required fields in one page only.


  • Lengthy and time-consuming: going through all steps and check the information carefully are quite time-consuming. The customers must have been so patient to finish the form, I guess.
  • Difficulties in correcting information: one of the biggest problems of a Multi Step Checkout is the difficulties in correcting/changing information in previous steps. In some cases, data which were already entered in previous pages disappear and customers are required to complete the step all over again. Sometimes, customers have to delete info filled in step 2 to back to step 1 if they mis-fill something.

One-step Checkout

Magento One Step Checkout is a well- known product launched by Ecomteck. Magento 2 One Step Checkout is an extensions that simplifies your checkout process and improve users experience. No more checkout complexity! Now, the number of merchants on One Step Checkout is over 20.000. $8 billion annual transactions are successful. One Step Checkout also has the big support from over 200 partners.

magento 2 one step checkout
Magento 2 One Step Checkout

How it works?

While the Multi Step Checkout takes users more-than-two step to complete the checkout process, Magento 2 One Step Checkout makes it quick and easy to fill in form and check info in one view screen size. The key solutions of One Step Checkout are unexpected costs not showing upfront, page loading speed, form filling complexity and unnecessary steps. What’s more, there are many add-ons modules integrated in this version to help you manage your marketplace easily. Click here to read more about One Step Checkout

Pros & Cons


  • Less step to checkout: everything seems easier to understand because all required info integrate in only one page.
  • Reduces cart abandonment rate: make it easier and quicker on filling in one-page-only checkout process and editing.
  • Guest checkout: Magento One Step Checkout also lets users checkout as guests. 
  • Quick info completion: system would remember all your accounts then show them when you need to log in.
  • More secure: the working process runs in one page; therefore, customers could check information carefully before completing. One Step Checkout lets the users feel more secure instead of Multi Steps Checkout.


  • Slow loading: because all info will be loaded in one page, so the loading speed will a little bit delay.
  • Long checkout form: all information is integrated in one page; therefore, sometimes customers find it hard reading & filling in the whole info-density form.

Which suits your store?

  • One Step Checkout is suitable with almost basic online stores, which are more convenient when simplifying checkout process.
  • Multi Step Checkout makes appropriate for websites which request the needed securities in checkout process. By that way, customers could easily check their info before sending the cart details to system.

If you are considering between Magento 2 One Step Checkout vs Multi Step Checkout,  determine your direct aims and marketplace model. It will be more easy to choose which one would suits and meet your demands.




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